Last season, true freshmen phenom, Marcus Lattimore gashed the Georgia defense like they weren't wearing pads. This fact upset the defensive coaches at Georgia so much so that they were referencing how poorly they played later in the season based on that game. "Well, we played bad today, but not as bad as we did versus South Carolina."
Bruce Ellington while
at Berkeley

I believe that the Georgia defensive coaches will do whatever it takes to stop Marcus Lattimore this season. This will open up huge opportunities for Bruce Ellington. Of course Alshon as well, but everyone knows he will be summoning double coverages all day. Alshon and Ace will get their chances and they will play well, but this weekend will be remembered as the Bruce Ellington day! (I have no inside information on this, I just have a very strong gut feeling!)

My hypothesis is that we will finally get to see what all of Moncks Corner, South Carolina has known for two years. Bruce Ellington is a game changer! I would go so far as to say had he played last season we win two other ball games at a minimum. Not trying to take away from any of the back-up tailbacks last season, they all played extremely well when called upon, I am just merely pointing out that this young man, Bruce Ellington, is a special athlete. Now we have multiple special athletes in multiple positions on offense. The Gamecocks are finally the other team. You know what I mean by this, right? It always seems like the other team has all the good players! Well, we are finally the other team!

I believe Bruce may only have six to ten touches, but they will be KEY touches. He will get the ball in the open field, in space, and we will get to see exactly what he can do. Because our defense is going to play well enough to keep the kickoff return game off the field, we will see Ellington in the Wildcock, in screens, on short passes off the inside zone read (look for a future article breaking this play down, as it is complicated but a fun concept), bubble screens, jailbreaks, and possibly see him throw a pass or two!

My multimedia company, Blue-Eyed Panda, was fortunate enough to be contracted to put together Berkeley's 2009 season highlight video, so I have cut together a few choice plays from Ellington in this Youtube video below. Keep in mind, every play you see is Ellington versus some of the best competition in the state of South Carolina. Summerville, Stratford, Byrnes, and Northwestern, are all in this video. He makes them look like they might be playing versus single-A teams sometimes! (No offense Coach Taneyhill, I am just stating the facts.)

If you agree with me about Bruce Ellington, spread this video around and post your comments of support below! If you disagree with me, make sure to post those comments below PRIOR to the game, so we can come back here on Sunday morning and give you a hard time about how wrong you were!

From coach to comedian: Marty Simpson is a former USA Today high school All-American and collegiate Academic All-Conference player for USC who scored the Gamecocks' first 6 points in the SEC. During 8 years as a high school varsity coach, Simpson led his team to the state finals and saw one player advance to set an NFL rookie record. Simpson now divides his time between his family, running a multimedia company named Blue-Eyed Panda and getting the same pre-game jitters by performing stand-up comedy nationwide.

Check out Marty's performance dates here.

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