Bob Shields calls it "The Marty Theory"

Tuesday, September 06, 2011
This morning I was fortunate enough to spend some time on the phone with the guys at 107.5 The Game. I love Tommy, Bob, and Captain Dave (and even tater-head Benji.) Captain Dave hit me on Facebook saying the guys sort of blew off my hypothesis that Coach Spurrier starting Connor Shaw proves he's a genius! when he mentioned it yesterday, so he wanted me to call in.

Well that turned out to be pretty fun. I spent a half hour on the show answering questions about it all, and by the end, Bob Shields stated that after hearing me explain it he was somewhat convinced! Bob even branded this "The Marty Theory" to the incoming callers.

My favorite call was from a lady named Judy. She was fired up and mad at Coach Spurrier and said she "totally disagreed with Marty." And that Coach Spurrier was just out to make Garcia look bad.She went on and on about how Garcia is the man and there's nothing Coach Spurrier can do about it. I calmly responded with a thank you and explained that this just illustrates my point. The Coach Spurrier has women, children, and EVEN RON MORRIS, in a lynch mob mentality defending Stephen Garcia... THE MAN IS A GENIUS!

Just four months ago the forums were littered with folks calling for Garcia's head! So rock on Coach Spurrier with your bad self doing what you do!

Look out for my game preview coming Thursday. I am hoping to discuss how Georgia's heavy concentration on Lattimore will open the flood-gates for the break out player of the week, BRUCE ELLINGTON!

PS - I would be remiss if I didn't mention T-Bone's story from this morning. It was actually my favorite. In 1992, versus Clemson, Toby Cates had just caught a touchdown pass to take the lead and T-Bone went crazy in the endzone cheering wildly. The lesson he says he learned that day was to never take his eyes off a Marty Simpson extra point, because he says the P.A.T. smacked him square in the face and spilled his alcohol everywhere! (I assume that T-Bone was sitting somewhere between the uprights, because I made them all that day, but I bet he was slightly right of center from my vantage point on that kick, as that is where most of kicks landed!)

From coach to comedian: Marty Simpson is a former USA Today high school All-American and collegiate Academic All-Conference player for USC who scored the Gamecocks' first 6 points in the SEC. During 8 years as a high school varsity coach, Simpson led his team to the state finals and saw one player advance to set an NFL rookie record. Simpson now divides his time between his family, running a multimedia company named Blue-Eyed Panda and getting the same pre-game jitters by performing stand-up comedy nationwide.

Check out Marty's performance dates here.

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