The American Idol Tour 2011 was a terrific show for the entire family! Seriously! Here is a short video chronicling my son, Walt's journey of getting James Durbin's autograph. Click the continue reading link after viewing the video for more insights on what actually happened.

We waited by these doors for about an hour for the first Idol to come out, and it was not James. But Nayima is beautiful in person. Next was Casey, which was a lot of fun as everyone went crazy.

Then a sort of drunk woman pushed her way up to beside us (as we were crammed against mobs of teenage girls already trying to force their way to get close enough to the railing to get an autograph.)

Then James came out and everyone went crazy. Walt got on my shoulders and stayed there for about 20 minutes as James made his way down the long line of folks. As he got closer I could hear him saying, "No, sorry, I don't do pictures with people in them." But he was really cool about signing stuff.

That is why you can hear me sort of get bossy with "crazy-lady" as she tries to dominate James as he comes by. Walt was sitting on my shoulders with his bandana sticking out his back pants just like James wears it and had his fo-hawk all done up and everything.

The video clearly shows James seeing Walt and then taking the bandana and signing it and giving it back, while simultaneously he remains nice to "crazy-lady" as I try to make sure she doesn't prevent our time from happening!

American Idol Rocks!

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