This is the 10 year anniversary of this video being produced. However, I thought with the Winter Olympics going on right now, and the 2010 South Carolina snow storm causing everyone in South Carolina to lose their mind, that I should post this little gem.

I have often wondered if this trip down the hill might possibly...maybe have something to do with my current back and neck troubles...

Here is a picture of my son as he prepares for Coaches Pitch baseball. He looks like Tanner from the Bad News Bears, don't you think?

The Magic Snowball 2010

Friday, February 19, 2010 0 comments

This was our contribution to the craziness during the South Carolina snow storm of 2010.Thanks for watching!

So it actually snowed in South Carolina and everyone here has lost their mind. In the last 24 hours there have been over 175 automobile accidents on major highways and kids everywhere are lining up to kill themselves by snow-boarding behind four wheelers.

To our credit, it is the fifth most it has ever snowed in a 24 hour period in South Carolina since 1894, so that may be why we have all gone SNOW-CRAZY.

Read my other blog posts to find out how my kids and I created "The Magic Snowball" and how a friend of ours, teamed up with us to produce a romantic comedy featuring, Frostine, Frosty's lesser advertised girlfriend.

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