On some level, every Dad loves hanging out with their daughter, right? Well, Savannah and I have a pretty special relationship. We both are really goofy and both love being the center of attention. Read this entire entry to see how we spent our latest "Daddy Daughter Date Night" taping her contest entry for "Kid Reporter" for the NBC's Today Show.

Here is a video, which is not part of the competition submission (as that would break the rules of the contest.) However, this day of taping did serve as the basis for the news story that she put together.

And here a few other pictures from the taping day after the interviews.

Marty :: 
Savannah, my nine year old (at the time) was eating a blow-pop. A green apple blow-pop. When she got down to the biting phase to make the bubble gum appear, she blurted out,

"Hey, look, Dad! This blow-pop looks like your head!"

Marty :: 
Is it possible to travel these days without getting sick? This woman seems to think so, however, she is willing to go to lengths that I am not willing to go! 
My favorite part is the look on the other woman's face.
It's like she is saying, "What are you doing taking a phone picture of this woman?"
And it's like I am saying, "For my blog, lady, why else?"

Marty :: 

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