The Snake DAY!!

Monday, May 25, 2009 0 comments

Walt came in this morning and said,

"OH MY GOSH, DAD, a huge salamandar, or a snake just crawled under the white tub thingy in the garage!!"

I responded,

"Um, what do you mean, Walt? Are you saying there might be a snake in our garage?"

Walt said, "YES! Come Quick!!"

(ABOVE) This is the straight down view of the snake hiding behind our hot water heater.

Above is the blue container that Ashley found that we could put the snake in when we caught it.

This view shows the real reason why we couldn't find our friendly drive way FROG for the last two days. Seriously...
(ABOVE) Just putting some perspective on the size of the snake. We estimate the snake is 24 inches long or so, give or take an inch or so.

Above - Good shot of the NON-triangular head to let us know this was a non-poisonous snake.

(Above) Good view of the full snake after we had "caught" him. We used an 8 iron and a net to get him or her wrangled up into the box.

Above - A proud Walt with the snake in tow.

My Unbelievable Wife!

Saturday, May 09, 2009 2 comments
Ashley Simpson is the best Mom in the world!

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