BET Sketch Rehearsal

Wednesday, March 04, 2009
It is very easy to see God working in all of this, and it is a joy to be a part of it all.

Ok folks. This is entire ordeal is surreal. I have no idea how all this is happening like this, nor do I want to take the time to stop and think about it like that.

I keep hearing the Talking Heads song in my head ... "Same As It Ever Was..."

The lines where he yells,

The taping of the five minute set will be Friday night, but in the mean time the "Improv" team rehearsed sketches that will film in front of a live studio audience all day at the NBA on TNT studio!!

While rehearsing my one sketch (as Dr. Phil) I was asked to be in other sketches!! We'll see how that turns out!

This has already been a ride!

Funniest Moment of Today :: When I asked the BET Folks if I would need any hair and make-up for the dress rehearsal, and that I was not going to shave my gotee, would that be a problem?... they both said, in unison, "No, you're not wearing any make-up or anything to be Dr. Phil, we want you just like you are."

From coach to comedian: Marty Simpson is a former USA Today high school All-American and collegiate Academic All-Conference player for USC who scored the Gamecocks' first 6 points in the SEC. During 8 years as a high school varsity coach, Simpson led his team to the state finals and saw one player advance to set an NFL rookie record. Simpson now divides his time between his family, running a multimedia company named Blue-Eyed Panda and getting the same pre-game jitters by performing stand-up comedy nationwide.

Check out Marty's performance dates here.

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